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Micheala Rummer is a fully qualified professional style and image consultant, and can give you advice on any aspect of hairstyle, cosmetics, clothing and personal appearance.
As a Diplom Hair Colourist and Master Stylist, Michaela can show you what works for you and why. With more then 30 years experience Michaela will support you in finding your personal style.

It's all about you.


Colour Your Life

Get confident with your own personal colour.
Colour is what we notice first about someone - wearing the right colour creates great first impressions.
Knowing your colours gives you confidence about the way you look and how you shop.

Discover how to choose the right colours for makeup, hair, accessories - for absolutely everything, not just your clothes.


Being yourself makes you happier.





"The alignment of your inner self with your outer self allows you to live in authenticity. Discover your Personal Style … Enhance your Success"
Maria Cuci-Panetta




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